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DSCF0054-LOWREZLinkedAbout Me: I write and sometimes creative-direct ads, web sites, brochures, posters, and what not. I have worked in the business for slightly longer than I care to admit. 

While I’m a writer by trade, I love the visual aspects of the craft. I’ve published essays in the design quarterlies Émigré and Eye (London). Some comments on typography were anthologized in Looking Closer 2: Critical Writing On Graphic Design.

 I have degrees in law (J.D., Minnesota) and creative writing (MFA, Minnesota).  I like to think this creates a useful left-brain, right-brain tension that leads to better ideas.

Visit my professional website:  

Follow my advertising and marketing twitter: @kevinfentonbiz

About On Message:  

On Message is a complement to my Tumblr blog, Business Casual. Tumblr is awesome. They have liberated the blog from the newspaper column model. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a good simple comment function for Tumblr. Both Disqus and Typepad comments have confused smart people. Comments have also recently tried to enforce membership in a commenting community. We have got to stop demanding a greater commitment from readers than they are willing to make. Visits to web sites have got to stop feeling like pitches for time shares.


Author and masthead photo: Cory Docken. All rights reserved.

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